Upendo Orphans Support Project

Our Children

Upendo Orphans Support Project provides holistic support to over 60 destitute children in Kilifi in the form of food, clothing, shelter, education, psycho-social support, healthcare and skills empowerment among other forms of support.

Orphans are admitted to the project in direst need. Each child under the project is assigned to a Women’s Group member (Group Guardian) who looks after and supports the family.

The project supports children across all levels of education. A majority, however, are in primary school. The children are supported holistically to grow up as independent and confident young people with the skills to take up meanigful employment or enterprise.


Gabriel Mwendwa
Class 7, 2017

"I am very grateful that Upendo came into my life. I have great support from Upendo. Upendo is my mother. I always feel safe and loved when I am at Upendo. Without Upendo, I would probably be in the streets."

Gabriel has grown to be a very charming boy. He joined Upendo in 2007. He is always among the top 3 students in the school. He aspires to be a pilot.

Nuru Nzai
Nuru is a lovely and talented young girl. She is in class 5.

‘‘Upendo has shown me total love and care; it has been parenting me by providing me with education, food, healthcare etc. I am grateful that I know how to speak basic French through Upendo.’’

Saida Salim
Saida Salim is in class 4. She is the firstborn in a family of three children. She aspires to be a teacher.

‘‘I like Upendo very much because they pay my school fees, buy me text books, school uniform and also food. I have learnt many skills at Upendo like tailoring and singing.’’

Saida and Nuru are inseparable. Their friendship is amazing. We nicknamed them ‘Upendo Twins.’

Pius Charo
Class 7, 2017

‘‘I am happy that Upendo has given me support by paying my school fees, buying school uniforms and even home clothes. Upendo has trained me in tailoring and I am happy that I can make my own clothes including my school uniform. Through Upendo’s support, my future is brighter.’’

Pius is truly amazing. He is the best in tailoring. He can make you a dress, shirt, skirt etc. In a society where tailoring is considered a feminine course/skill, Pius has proven people wrong by quickly mastering the tailoring skills surpassing females in the programme at Upendo.

Despite their poor upbringing, the children are excelling. Their futures are promising.